The go-kart is regarded as the most economical motor vehicle for drivers who like to feel adrenaline and develop fast reflexes while improving their ability to make decisions under pressure and so introduce yourself in the top level Motorsport.

Karting is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone and for which you do not need to be especially fit. Next to our accommodation in Benicasim is one of the best circuits in Karting in the region where you can carry out training rounds and timekeeping racing groups.

The track is 940 meters long and it has 9 curves to the right and 4 curves to the left.

The circuit has a wide variety of karts:

Children’s Kart with 140cc y 4T

Children’s two-seated Kart 200cc y 4T

Juvenile Kart 200cc y 4T

Adults Kart 390cc y 4T

Adults two-seated Kart  270cc y 4T

Racing Kart 100cc y 2T


Circuito Gokartin