Introduction and Facilities

Today’s competition is fierce, the stakes are higher than ever before, and the window to maximize your potential is short. Every year an increasingly number of teams from all over the world choose INTURSPORTS facilities to run with their pre-season training or just to participate in one of the numerous soccer tournaments, High technical performance Campus or soccer program Coaching that are performed every year in either our facilities or at the premier team facilities from the Spanish League such as for instance, Villarreal CF, Valencia CF or Levante CF.

Our company deals according to FIFA norms and our owned full-size professional quality football fields are of natural grass and artificial grass. Our football fields include all the necessary material for training sessions, for the dispute of friendly matches or even for the performance of soccer tournaments. Natural grass fields are of ryegrass and fescue varieties and artificial grass fields are cutting-edge type.

Natural grass pitch

Field 1: Football field with natural grass. Located in Benicassim, in the same hotel complex and sized 90 x 60 meters

Field 2 and 3: Football fields with natural grass. Located in Facsa Sports Centre, at 4,5 km from the accommodation with the following sizes: 108 x 63 meters and 108 x 68 meters; both fields have their own illumination.

Field 4: Football field with natural grass. Located in the city of Castellón 10 km from the accommodation and a size of 104 x 70 m.

Synthetic grass pitch

Fields 5 y 6: Football field with artificial turf. Located in the FACSA Sports Centre at 4.5 km far from the hospitality accommodation and sized 101 x 64 meters . Both fields have their own illumination.

FACSA Sports Centre

The name of the football FACSA Sports Centre is derived in reference to the FACSA company belonging to GIMENO Group and some of the football players and coaches of the future train here . It is a benchmark on quality and budgetary sports management among its area of influence and it includes all the facilities for the practice of soccer at both professional and amateur levels. In addition we offer private parking, locker rooms, nursing, arbitration area, classroom training, cafeteria, common services, gardens, among others, and all this in an excellent and privileged surrounding area at the foot of the protected Natural Park of “Desierto de las Palmas”.

We have been visited by hundreds of soccer teams from all over the world and they are the best letter of presentation of our company towards our commitment on quality and customer's expectations satisfaction.

If you belong to a football team and you are looking for a place in Spain for the implementation of a pre-season concentration, please contact us with your desired dates.